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Join AMP's volunteer membership team today.  Our focus is on team building and developing professional skills in an inclusive setting where each person's strengths are valued.

Membership Opportunities and Benefits​

AMP is looking for professionals with a passion for helping others in wilderness and austere environments.  If you have expertise in the following backgrounds, this is the team for you:

  • Austere Medicine

  • EMS Clinicians

  • Search & Rescue

  • National/International Deployment

  • Remote Communications (COMMS)

  • Incident Management Team

  • Geospatial Information Systems

  • Wilderness/Mountain Guide

  • Public Safety/Military Background


All AMP Members receive regular training in wilderness medicine, search & rescue techniques, wilderness survival skills and emergency communications.  Trainings are recognized by state and national organizations and may be applied to your professional CEUs.  


Apply today!


The leadership team consists of professionals with expertise in austere and wilderness medicine, disaster medicine, wilderness EMS, search & rescue, wilderness mass gathering risk management, remote communications, international deployment, air operations, and field exercise development.


We believe that all members have the potential to be a leader.  As such, we provide opportunities for growth within AMP.


AMP is a volunteer led organization. 

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