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Operational Capabilities

AMP provides medical care during search & rescue operations, natural disasters, and emergency incidents in wilderness and austere environments.  AMP partners with organizations to ensure pre-planned events run successfully.

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AMP works directly with other organizations and the public safety community to provide support for emergency incidents and pre-planned events.  These partnerships enable AMP to design safety into each response.  AMP is licensed to provide medical care in Maryland and Virginia.  See our Response Log.  

AMP provides Wilderness Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Wilderness Risk Management planning, customized responses to requesting agencies, support for Search & Rescue missions, advanced remote communications support, and robust Incident Actions Plans (IAPs).

In need of emergency response or help with planning a wilderness event - AMP will assist you with certified wilderness EMS clinicians, advanced communications infrastructure, and a board certified EMS physician who will interface with the local EMS system.

Emergency Incidents

In the event of an emergency, always call 911.  


AMP supports the public safety community in emergency situations such as a lost person search, natural disaster, or other public safety event.  We are a licensed Wilderness EMS agency in Maryland and Virginia with capabilities to manage complex medical emergencies, while integrating our services into the local emergency response systems.  Call our emergency response number and leave a voice message - we will get back to you within 30 minutes: 443-776-1014.


AMP's stand-by response team is ready for emergency situations.

Pre-Planned Events

AMP provides medical care and event risk management to organizations hosting pre-planned events.  We work in collaboration with event organizers to promote safety.  Our practice is based on proven risk management methodologies.  AMP integrates expertise in Wilderness EMS with advanced remote communications, search & rescue, and incident management.

Examples of pre-planned events include: long-distance hikes, orienteering competitions, mountain bike races, and scouting events.

Pre-planned event support may be arranged by completing the online form. 

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