Operational Capabilities

AMP provides medical care during search & rescue operations, natural disasters, and emergency incidents in wilderness and austere environments.  AMP partners with organizations to ensure pre-planned events run successfully.

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AMP works directly with other organizations and the public safety community to provide support for emergency incidents and pre-planned events.  These partnerships enable AMP to design safety into each response.  AMP is licensed to provide medical care in Maryland and Virginia.  See our Response Log.  

AMP provides Wilderness Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Wilderness Risk Management planning, customized responses to requesting agencies, support for Search & Rescue missions, advanced remote communications support, and robust Incident Actions Plans (IAPs).

In need of emergency response or help with planning a wilderness event - AMP will assist you with certified wilderness EMS clinicians, advanced communications infrastructure, and a board certified EMS physician who will interface with the local EMS system.

Emergency Incidents

In the event of an emergency, always call 911.  


AMP supports the public safety community in emergency situations such as a lost person search, natural disaster, or other public safety event.  We are a licensed Wilderness EMS agency in Maryland and Virginia with capabilities to manage complex medical emergencies, while integrating our services into the local emergency response systems.  Call our emergency response number and leave a voice message - we will get back to you within 30 minutes: 443-776-1014.


AMP's stand-by response team is ready for emergency situations.

Pre-Planned Events

AMP provides medical care and event risk management to organizations hosting pre-planned events.  We work in collaboration with event organizers to promote safety.  Our practice is based on proven risk management methodologies.  AMP integrates expertise in Wilderness EMS with advanced remote communications, search & rescue, and incident management.

Examples of pre-planned events include: long-distance hikes, orienteering competitions, mountain bike races, and scouting events.

Pre-planned event support may be arranged by completing the online form. 

Wilderness Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

AMP is recognized as a specialized Wilderness Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency in Maryland and Virginia. We are one of the few non-governmental Wilderness EMS agencies in the country licensed to provide advanced Wilderness EMS level care statewide. AMP clinicians are trained in wilderness medical care, certified as EMTs and Paramedics by the states' EMS regulatory authority, and function under the supervision of an emergency and EMS medicine boarded physician. AMP is more than a medic in the woods. AMP provides a comprehensive and integrated emergency response all while being fully integrated with local and statewide emergency response systems.

Wilderness Risk Management Planning

AMP uses our proven Wilderness Risk Management Planning methodology to ensure that every emergency and planned response mitigates the risks inherent in wilderness activities. The methodology is a three step process which produces a safer event.

  • AMP identifies the type of activity, geography, likely weather conditions, nearby hazards, and other risk drivers.
  • AMP brainstorms risks and mitigation strategies.
  • AMP develops a comprehensive Incident Action Plan (IAP) based on the relative risk exposure.

Customized Responses to Requesting Agencies

AMP partners with organizations to support community building and fundraising events held in wilderness and austere settings. Whether it is a daylong, team building hike on the Appalachian Trail, a youth development gathering, or an athletic event in the woods, AMP works with you to meet your needs. AMP will:

  • scout the setting in advance of the event
  • develop relationships with the local emergency response system
  • provide pre-event education on safety protocols
  • create a communications safety net around your event
  • establish medical sites along the route
  • manage lost person situations
  • care for participants who are in need of medical assistance.
At the conclusion of the event AMP will develop an after action report and take time to de-brief about what was successful and what could be improved for future events.

Support for Search & Rescue Missions

AMP Team members have extensive experience responding to Search & Rescue (SAR) missions. Our Wilderness EMS clinicians are trained to integrate with SAR teams as well as to deploy into the field with comprehensive medical packs with capabilities to manage a variety of traumatic and medical emergencies. Members of the AMP Leadership Team work with Incident Command to develop specific medical and safety plans for each search event that meet the national standard and focus on integration with the local emergency response system. We focus on force protection to keep SAR and public safety responders healthy and fully able to complete the mission. AMP clinicians provide basecamp medical support. In addition, we deploy into the field to work with the evacuation team to bring the best available wilderness medicine capabilities to a patient.

Advanced Remote Communications Support

AMP’s Advanced Remote Communications experts bring decades of experience developing and executing creative public safety communication solutions in wilderness and austere settings. AMP’s communications platform allows us to operate independently. We utilize public safety infrastructure and other specialized equipment for operation within a variety of terrains and in difficult communication environments. AMP has a deployable cache of radios and other communication equipment to support both emergency incidents and pre-planned events. We are highly adaptive in developing integrative communication plans with both public safety and community-based organizations. AMP offers necessary interoperability with other emergency response agencies, while avoiding interference with other communication systems in use in the emergency setting. AMP will collaborate with your organization to promote mutual aid to fit your system and needs. We will develop and execute a communications plan that enhances the synergy of our organizations, the safety of all personnel and participants in the field, and the overall successful response to the event.

Incident Action Plans (IAPs)

AMP develops Incident Action Plans (IAPs) to support planned and emergency responses. The public safety background and focus of the AMP Team results in Incident Command System (ICS) planning components that meet the needs of Authorities Having Jurisdiction and client organizations. Our IAPs meet National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards. The AMP Team consists of trained Medical Officers, Safety Officers, and COMMs Leads who support All Hazards Incident Management efforts.