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Operational Capabilities

AMP provides medical care during search & rescue operations, natural disasters, and emergency incidents in wilderness and austere environments.  AMP partners with organizations to ensure pre-planned events run successfully.

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AMP works directly with other organizations and the public safety community to provide support for emergency incidents and pre-planned events.  These partnerships enable AMP to design safety into each response.  AMP is licensed to provide medical care in Maryland and Virginia.  See our Response Log.  

AMP provides Wilderness Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Wilderness Risk Management planning, customized responses to requesting agencies, support for Search & Rescue missions, advanced remote communications support, and robust Incident Actions Plans (IAPs).

In need of emergency response or help with planning a wilderness event - AMP will assist you with certified wilderness EMS clinicians, advanced communications infrastructure, and a board certified EMS physician who will interface with the local EMS system.

Emergency Incidents

In the event of an emergency, always call 911.  


AMP supports the public safety community in emergency situations such as a lost person search, natural disaster, or other public safety event.  We are a licensed Wilderness EMS agency in Maryland and Virginia with capabilities to manage complex medical emergencies, while integrating our services into the local emergency response systems.  Call our emergency response number and leave a voice message - we will get back to you within 30 minutes: 443-776-1014.


AMP's stand-by response team is ready for emergency situations.

Pre-Planned Events

AMP provides medical care and event risk management to organizations hosting pre-planned events.  We work in collaboration with event organizers to promote safety.  Our practice is based on proven risk management methodologies.  AMP integrates expertise in Wilderness EMS with advanced remote communications, search & rescue, and incident management.

Examples of pre-planned events include: long-distance hikes, orienteering competitions, mountain bike races, and scouting events.

Pre-planned event support may be arranged by completing the online form. 

  • Someone I know is lost - what do I do?
    Whenever a friend or loved one is missing, call 911 to alert the pubic safety community (police and fire departments or park rangers). The public safety officers will notify AMP to request event risk management, scene safety, and specialized medical care as the event requires. Only after calling 911, should you call AMP's Emergency Response Number (443-776-1014) for further advice and support. You may also ask the authorities to contact us for additional support.
  • Is there a cost to the services that AMP provides?
    There are no costs to the services that AMP provides. AMP is a 501.c3, nonprofit organization that benefits from donations to purchase life saving equipment, to train members, and to provide education and outreach to the community. Consider making a donation today.
  • What is a wilderness mass gathering event?
    Organized events with people congregating together within a designated geographic area are often referred to as a mass gathering event. When held in the wilderness and austere environments, these events take on additional factors that must be considered to ensure the safety of all involved. AMP is especially trained for these types of events. Our services include pre-planning event wilderness risk management, scene safety, specialized emergency medical care, logistical and communications support, and interface to the local emergency response system. Examples of wilderness mass gathering events include: Long distance hikes with large numbers of people Mountain bike races Orienteering events Adventure race competitions Wilderness tract cleanup days Youth events (Junior ROTC Orienteering Competitions, Boys Scouts Orienteering)
  • My organization is planning a fundraiser/team building event in the wilderness - what can AMP do to help me?
    AMP will scout the route and sites in advance of your organizations's fundraiser or team building event - whether it is a hike on a trail or an orienteering competition. AMP will identify key locations where medical support may be necessary or where plans may go awry. In addition, AMP will provide pre-event safety information to all participants, search & rescue support if someone becomes lost, and follow-up via an important de-briefing after the event has concluded. You will also find AMP Team Members cheering you on throughout your event and celebrating with you when you finish. AMP becomes part of your team. Contact us today to begin planning your event.
  • I want to volunteer!  How do I join?
    Glad you asked! Apply here and we will be in touch within 24 hours. We are always looking for individuals with a passion for helping others in wilderness and austere environments. If you have expertise in the following backgrounds, this is the team for you: Austere Medicine EMS Clinicians Search & Rescue National/International Deployment Remote Communications (COMMS) Incident Management Team Geospatial Information Systems Wilderness/Mountain Guide Public Safety/Military Background AMP Members receive monthly training in wilderness medicine, search & rescue techniques, and wilderness survival skills. Trainings are recognized by state and national organizations and may be applied to your professional CEUs. In addition, all members receive annual training in WEMS, CPR, and survival skills. Apply today!
  • Do you accept donations? How are they used?
    Yes, donations are always accepted! AMP is a 501.c3, nonprofit volunteer organization that benefits from donations to purchase life saving equipment, to train members, and to provide education and outreach to the community. Please consider making a donation today.
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