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Our Organization

Spending time in the wilderness and austere environments is fun and exciting. 

AMP provides services to ensure your safety needs are met -

whether for pre-planned events or when things go awry.


A Brief History

AMP, a Maryland and Virginia recognized Wilderness EMS operational program, was founded in January 2019 by three individuals passionate about bringing medicine to people in wilderness and austere environments.


To make this happen, Carl, Bob, and Michael combined their expertise in wilderness and austere medicine, disaster medicine, wilderness EMS, search & rescue, wilderness mass gathering risk management, remote communications, international deployment, air operations, and field exercise development.


AMP, a non-profit organization, is a volunteer led organization.  Learn more about our leadership team.



In its first two years, AMP provided support on 12 events across two states.  Eleven events were pre-planned wilderness mass gatherings in Maryland and one event was a missing person search in West Virginia.


Learn more about our completed and future events here!


The AMP Team is growing quickly.  Learn more about becoming a member here.


During COVID-19, AMP is fully operational and prepared with personal protective equipment (PPE) and takes all recommended safety precautions.  The team has continued training and is ready to meet your organization's needs.  Contact us today to plan your event.


Partners & Sponsors

Partnering with community organizations and citizens is vital to AMP's success.  Trust and rapport help to ensure successful and safe missions.  Partners and sponsors include:


Contact us today to become a sponsor.