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2022 - What do you have planned?

The AMP Team is preparing for a stellar year to keep you safe during your outdoor adventures, wherever you may find yourself. What do you have planned for 2022? The AMP Team has a full calendar, including:

  • Amazing trainings:

Search and Rescue

Land Navigation

Wilderness First Aid

Crime Scene Preservation

Rope Rescue Fundamentals

And so much more!

  • Multiple missions in Maryland and Virginia

  • Staying in shape by hiking, skiing, snow biking, igloo making, kayaking, swimming, running, climbing, and even caving!

Start 2022 off right - join AMP in bringing medicine to people in wilderness and austere environments. We are recruiting professionals with a passion for helping others in wilderness environments and who bring skills from medicine to remote communications. Interested in learning about Austere Medical Professionals (AMP)? Find us at #amp #austeremedicine #austermedicalprofessionals #wildernessmedicine #ampMD #ampEMT #besafeinthewoods

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