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Multi-Disciplinary Backgrounds Bring Experience in Field Situations

Meet Corey and Alex. Corey is an original member of the AMP Team and brings a wealth of experience to the organization as an EMT in Baltimore County. Alex is the newest member of the AMP Team, and is a resident at a hospital in Baltimore City. In the field, they work as partners bringing specialized medical care in wilderness and austere environments to members of the public safety community and general public. They have received hours of training in land navigation skills in addition to understanding how best to provide care in challenging environments and weather conditions.

Corey and Alex ensure that participants and spectators remain safe at today's 2021 Mountain Bike National Championship in Gambrill State Park, Maryland. Are you interested in supporting AMP with your time & talent or by making a donation? Or perhaps you have an upcoming event and want to explore the ways that AMP can support your goals. Check us out at! #amp #austeremedicine #austermedicalprofessionals #wildernessmedicine #ampMD #ampEMT #besafeinthewoods

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